Why do people get body painted?

Derrick paints people for private use, photo shoots, walk-around art at public events, promotions for corporate events, film, TV and fashion, music festivals, parties of any sort and just about any other reason under the sun.


How long does it take?

It takes from 2 - 6 hours to execute a FULL body painting  with face makeup on an individual body. How long it takes to create a piece depends on the ornateness and detail in the design which is to be painted.


How long does it last?

Derrick predominantly paints on skin with FDA approved water-activated face and body makeup which can be worn for 4 - 6 hours.


What is the makeup/paint made from?

Derrick paints with FDA-Approved Face and body MAKEUP, it is not paint, it is cosmetic pigment made for face and body art.


Is the makeup Water-proof?

Water-based body makeup washes off with soap and water.  If you require water-proof body art, Derrick uses waterproof airbrush makeup (also FDA approved) which must be removed from the skin with alcohol.  Derrick also offers Liquid Latex for water-proof body art but some individuals have latex allergies so this technique is not for everyone.


Does Derrick have a minimum for booking?

For face/body art done on-site, on guests at an event, Derrick has a 2 hour minimum.


Are Models totally naked when painted?

No, individuals who are painted by Derrick usually wear g-strings and nipple covers which Derrick paints to blend with the body art.  The latex nipple covers Derrick uses blend perfectly with the skin while masking the areola.


How is makeup Applied?

Derrick often paints a base coat on the skin using  a "Sponge and Brush" technique, for FULL coverage, after which he may or may not accent, shade and detail the design(s) with his Airbrush.


How do I book Derrick?

Visit the CONTACT page of this website and send him a note or call! For larger projects, Derrick has a wonderful "project manager" that handles his bookings. Her email and number are also on the CONTACT page.


How much does it cost?

All projects are given an individual estimate and Derrick TRIES to work with many budgets however a good place to start is the PRICING  page of this site. .


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