Derrick Little is a very experienced freelance body painter and makeup artist and he knows every project he is hired for has its own unique needs and specifications, therefore ALL estimates and rates for body art by Derrick Little are created on a per-project basis.


The best way to request a starting quote is to email Derrick

a DETAILED description of what the project is, including DETAILS like:


WHEN is the project date?

WHERE will the project take place (address)?

WHAT is the project for?

Is the project PRIVATE use or CORPORATE?

Are you providing MODELS or do you NEED MODELS?

 Can you supply REFERENCE MATERIALS regarding "the look" you want?

Are there LOGOs or BRANDING to be included?

Is this for a Commercial/Photo Shoot/Ad Campaign?

Is this for FILM or TV?


Visit the CONTACT page to email Derrick.


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